Glowing houseAnna Viktoria Norberg ART INFO

Natural life is held in a fragile balance. It has been said that if all invertebrates were to become extinct, animal and plant life would die out in in a matter of weeks, with the exception of some bacteria. We rely on the smallest things which in their multitudes are the cornerstones of life.

Microcosmos, consisted of glass bubbles filled with water, which worked as small lenses magnifying the ground they rested on. In fact, historically this is how the first lenses were made, before better glass quality became available. 14 lenses were placed around the glasshouse and intended to attract the audience to look at the ground at small insects and life not seen from above.

Tree Scaffold
In the other part of the installation; Tree Scaffold, a total of 5 "scaffolds" appear to hold up the branches of a tree growing on a small island in a pond, representing the Amazon delta. The piece consists of up to 5 meter long glass tubing, held together with natural rubber bands, as to mimic the capillary tubes inside the tree. The piece is a comment on the fragile ecosystem of our rain forests although, the audience seemed to believe it was part of the maintenance of the glasshouse.
However, during the exhibition the rubber bands were eaten by the ants that lives in the greenhouse, and in september the scaffolds started collapsing! The insects I intended to honor became part of the artwork itself.