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The Man’s Nest a Woman’s Cage - Generation II
[Performance, The Glass Factory, Boda, 2015]
spun glass, cupper, music

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A remake and 20-year anniversary of my first performance in 1995, however now with a new generation of young artists. Part of the opening of Que Vadis -  an exhibition of contemporary Swedish glass.

In 1995 I wrote my Ba degree dissertation on “Woman and Identity in Relation to Fashion” and in the performance I use the crinoline as a metaphor of the entrapment that fashion ideals can subject both women and men to. The female is standing inside the crinoline and spins it around her body and two male glassblowers apply hot glass to the crinoline, thus wrapping the woman in hot glass. However, the crinoline structure actually protects the woman from getting burnt as the glass gets pulled into a thin thread and quickly cools down.  The intension is to display the duality of fashion, because as much as body ideals can entrap, it may also allow a person to act their unique personality and provide a layer of protection.

Performance: Linnea Åström, Jonas Ioannou, Jarl Hohenthal.
DJ: Charles Stern.

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