Glowing houseAnna Viktoria Norberg ART INFO

The End of The Line? A Timecapsule [Installation, 2006]
Blown glass, embroidered linen, stainless steel; Capsule w:30 cm, ø 7 cm

Installation view
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The piece is based on a linage of women in my own family. I spent hours interpreting old church records and found the names of my mother's, mother's, mother and so on - nine generations back - until the beginning of the 1700. I also found their husbands, their children (many which died), the farms they lived on and the dates of their death. Most of them were maids living in a poor parish in the western part of Sweden and their histories are, as most women's legacies, forgotten. Although women's craft can be found in museum collections, it is mostly anonymous, sometimes monogrammed with someone's initials.

With the intent to honor the lives and craft of these women, my mothers, I embroidered their monograms on linen cloth. The cloth was then sealed inside hot glass however, due to a certain combustion phenomena, the linen stopped burning when the oxygen was depleted. The embroidery is burned but leaves an ash image inside.

One of the time capsules is my own. At the time I had recently become a mother, but I have a son, thus this specific lineage of women could end with me. However, my own monogram I sewed with thread of silver, which did not burn like the rest. I was hoping my craft would be preserved and remembered for a future generation, but who is to know? The installation was included in the exhibition 20 Years On at Glass Museum Ebeltoft. At the end of the exhibition the museum asked me to donate it and I agreed, because who is better equipped at preserving art for the future than a glass museum.