Glowing houseAnna Viktoria Norberg ART INFO

Das Glasperlenspiel - a Silent Instrument [An installation at Smålands Museum, 2007]
Glass pearls, IP converters, microphones; Houses: 5 x 13 x 3 m

Installation view
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A site specific installation in a centrally located room of the museum. Six strings with 30 000 tiny glass beads are strung from wall to wall. The 11 meter long strings hang above the heads of the visitors and are each connected to a microphone installed somewhere in the museum. The microphones transmit sounds and motions back to the strings and make them vibrate, thus making the piece play the silent composition of the museum. A few microphones are placed in the room and allow visitors to discover and play the art work.

Using the German author Herman Hesse's famous novel as an inspiration the installation questions the roll of The Museum in society. Is it an empty place were only the cultural elite gather? Or is the Museum cultural safe-keeper of treasures hidden in the collections that we are not able to appreciate in today's "consume and dispose" culture?