Glowing houseAnna Viktoria Norberg ART INFO

Graduate Work [MFA, Rhode Island School of Design, 1997 - 1999]
Performace view
more images from 3 Camera Obscura installations, 1999

Images from Between Memory and History a series of floor installations, 1998
Images from Edinburgh Botanical Garden 2 installations, 1998
Images from My Breath Inside/Inside My Breath installation, 1997

The Camera Obscura
A chamber is shut up apart from a single hole, and a glass lens is placed in front of this hole with a white sheet stretched at a certain distance behind it so the light coming from the objects outside forms images on the sheet. Now it is said that the room represents the eye; the hole the pupil; the lens the crystalline humour.
Descartes, La dioptrique, 1637. more

Between Memory and History
This series of work is focused on the floor; striving to bring attention to feet and were we place them. While working in my studio I found traces of history in the space; such as the scratch-marks on the floor and the worn pillars. History dwelling in the walls, ceilings and floors, however, different from the making of History espoused in books. These traces do not speak of important moments in time, but instead express the history of the everyday, and continuous use. I started thinking of the traces left by history as the "memory" of the space. more

Edinburgh Botanical Garden
2 pieces were made for the exhibition Glass at the Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh during the summer and fall of 1998. 12 international glass artist were invited to produce site-specific work for the glasshouses. My art work were installed in the South American Aquatic House. more

My Breath Inside/Inside My Breath
The installation attempts to visualize breath by using blown glass, which in the process of making is conceived by breath. It consists of a number of glass bubbles with my breath sealed inside. Inside the bubbles the viewers can see small traces of condensation, originating from the moisture in the lungs, also sealed inside during the making. It speaks about presence, how breath is part of a person even thought that person is not present in the room. Although, I have not in reality visualized the invisible (as when we watch an apple falling we do not see gravity) I captures the essence of breath using blown glass.