Glowing houseAnna Viktoria Norberg ART INFO

Naked Spine - a Drawing [Site specific installation Roma Kungsgård, 2008]
Glass thread, raw hide; 26 x 4 m

Installation view
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This installation was constructed in the ceiling of the storage barn of an old manor house, transformed into an exhibition space. The huge aluminum rings with metal bars, which support the structure reminded me of being "in the belly of the whale". I enlarged a human spine of a person laying on their stomach and traced the line with bundles of glass thread. The highest point reaches 420 cm and the lowest about 180 cm. The installation was hung with wet raw hide from goat, which dried and firmly squeezed the glass in place.

The installation was created as a three dimensional line-drawing of a human spine. The title alludes to exposed spinal nerves of the back, which are visualize by the bundled glass threads. The art work aims to highlight the space now used by people at leisure but where, historically, hard manual labor took place.