Glowing houseAnna Viktoria Norberg ART INFO

1    One drop
+    and
1    One drop
=    makes
1     One larger drop
      - not two

[Performance and site specific installation, Gotlands Konstmuseum, 2014]
Monofiliment, glass, glue, lace curtain
Room; 3.8 x 4.4 x 3.8 m

With the endeavor to record my presence while installing the proposed artwork, I will take residence in the Museum during the 4 final days before the opening reception. While installing, which will thus be regarded as an performance, I will abstain from my everyday needs or duties such as eating, or taking care of family life. Instead the installation process will be undertaken during a spiritual fast on water, sleep/rest, conversations, writing and reading.

The “recording” will be carried out by the means of a small handheld torch create drops of glass by heating a thin glass thread. The surface expansion will physically present on the glass as it would on water, by collecting into a drop until the weight of the glass reach a critical mass, and the drop will fall. However, in contrast to water and if the torch action stops in time, the falling glass drop will leave a small trail of a thin thread, which cools rapidly and suspended the drop in midair hanging on the thread. In the process of installing I will thus create a kind of frozen rain. The amount of drops and a specific predetermined order, will after the installation leave a trace of my time spent in the space. Also “failed” drops, where the torch was not removed in time and the thread melted resulting in the drop falling to the floor, will remain.

Inspiration for the piece is a scene from the Tarkovsky film Nostalghia, where the two main characters walk through a living space with a leaky roof. Above the bed there is a plastic sheet filled with water and small beer bottles collect the dripping rain around puddles on the floor. On the wall there is a handwritten text: 1+1=1. In the dialogue in the film the odd mathematics is explained as: One drop, plus one drop... makes one bigger drop, not two. Tarkovsky has in writing referred to how his films depicts how a person is never a solitude, but connected in mankind.

During the performance I have also invited people to the space to discuss the notion of Nostalgia. On the list of invitations will be people, which for different reasons have ended up residing away from their homeland. Their impact on the installation cannot be documented, if any, however, during the performance I also produced a web log to accompany the installation. Here visitors can visit my web page on their phones, to see images of the performance and installation process.

The conclusion of the performance occured during the opening reception and is the only time the public is present for the performance. My physical state, day four of the fast, becomes a factor. I created smaller drops for audience members in return for their thoughs on nostalgia for my log.

See web log.