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Sea Monster and Boat [Commission for Stenkyrka primary school, 2009]
Wood, stained glass with transfer, LED lighting; 200 x 250 x 80 cm

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The public art installation, situated in the school building just outside the public library, is inspired by stories of sea monsters that pops up from the depth of the ocean. The Sea Monster is based on deep sea anglerfish and is illustrated by Alvin O'Sullivan with instructions to "make it scary looking but with a friendly character". The fish scales, and other details, were fused onto float glass with transfers from photographs by Nicka Hellenberg of fish living in the Baltic sea. The wooden boat is made by artist Joakim Allgulander and constructed with the traditional clinker boat building technique.

The boat is slightly slanted as part of the building technique and it makes one slide a little while sitting, which activates rather than rests the sitter. The lights are inspired by other deepwater fish and lights the seating area.