Glowing houseAnna Viktoria Norberg ART INFO

My artistic endeavor is to bring attention, or to visualize, that which is invisible or in my opinion neglected. In my work I question the notion of seeing and the eyes as passive recipients of ambient light. I argue that seeing is about being an active observer, to merely watch one will not notice. In my work I highlight the subtle with the intention to bring attention and encourage the viewer to look beyond the already known, and pay attention to an aspect of life, which is not regarded as important.

I work with installations using ephemeral or fragile materials, which I believe endorse the visualization of the invisible. In my installations I find inspiration in the atmosphere of the space. I respond to the environment intuitively, on a subliminal level. My process of working is a journey of discovery, reflection and recognition and my experience becomes part of the installation. While I regard my installations as investigations into a particular concern at the time, I often find myself trying to capture a passing moment, or the fleeting time in what is obviously an impossible task. However, my artwork is catching a residue of that moment and comments on the fact that our lives are a continuous race against time.